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  • What is Access Control? Many visitors will be unaware of the "industry terminology" used. Access Control is the deliberate restriction of access to a specified door, barrier, machine, gate etc by the use of electronic devices. Access Control systems ensure that only authorised personnel are allowed access to specific areas, therefore removing the need for constant human intervention.
  • Harrison Security can provide systems ranging in size from single door entry to 1000 door plus access control solutions using the latest technology. PC based systems are becoming the industry standard, allowing the client full control and event recording of multiple sites from one central location.
  • Different forms of identification can be used. Biometric (fingerprint and retina pattern) scanners have now fallen in to an affordable bracket and provide the ultimate in identification security, whilst conventional "swipe" and proximity cards are still the most popular means of entry.
  • Entry to casual visitors is usually granted by use of an intercom system. See the Intercom page for more details.
  • Integration of access control systems provides flexible administration for clients. Lockers, safes, "clean rooms", cash cards (the card is "charged up" by an administrator with a desired amount of money upon receipt of payment, which is then "spent" as the card holder accesses certain buildings, rooms, rides, lockers, areas, car parks etc), vending machines, golf ball dispensers, golf caddies are just a few examples of use.
  • Any application in your organisation that relies upon a locking device to secure it or a means of electrical switching to turn it on, can be integrated into an access control system, therefore ensuring that only authorised personnel can access or operate these areas or equipment and that a full record of the activation is logged on a secure database.
  • Applications include:
    • Control of entrance to doors, traffic barriers, pedestrian gates
    • Access to hotel rooms, lifts
    • Control of lifts so that cardholders could only go to certain floors
    • Operation of electrical machinery
    • Operation and automated billing for vending machines
    • Control of swimming bath lockers, group control of swimming bath lockers so that a group leader can open and secure multiple lockers with one card from one point
    • Sports club changing rooms
    • Automated billing and access when entering a sauna/Jacuzzi/gym/weight room at a leisure club
    • Entrance to sterile rooms through an airlock
    • Entrance to pharmaceutical stores
    • Automated billing for the issue of golf balls on a driving range
    • Automated and timed billing for the use of golf carts
    • Automated billing and access to match day car parks
    • Restricted authority to silence fire alarms
    • Restricted authority to operate fluid valves
    • Restriction of use on fuel pumps
    • Restricted authority to cash dispensers.