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Harrison Security provide a professionally operated mobile patrol service which can be tailored to the individual client's requirements. The patrol may cover internal and external inspections with additional services available if required. A fully equipped control room is manned 24 hours with a sophisticated communications system to ensure rapid reaction to any problems which may be encountered.

The performance of each patrol is monitored using the latest electronic guard monitoring system.

The Harrison Security mobile fleet compromises of trained officers in marked or unmarked vehicles patrolling and protecting assignments at regular intervals. All patrols are verified using a data collector. We can provide internal or external patrols of premises, a lockdown or open up facility, or just provide the 'comfort factor' - checking on the security of lone workers.

Mobile Patrol Guards provide the next best option to static guards at a fraction of the cost. If the circumstances do not require a guard to be on site or in the premises all of the time when mobile patrols may be the answer you are looking for. A guard can be instructed to visit your premises at arranged or random times, during each 24 hour period. During each visit various duties can be performed. Patrolling the premises to search for problems is an obvious use, but how about switching on the heating and lighting a couple of hours before the arrival of the staff or checking that everything is switched off correctly after the staff have left.

Special duties and the number of visits each night can be carried on a day to day basis to give you the security cover you need and want. Many of our customers also use this service to enable maintenance contractors to have access to premises out of hours so as to remove the necessity for their own staff having to attend at weekends and other unsociable times.


  • Visual Deterrent when needed
  • Peace of mind for a low outlay
  • Provides Mobile Emergency Response vehicles, again with or without a dog, to prevent/contain unauthorised entry onto clients premises or land.